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HP ML350 G6 - NC326i PCIe Dual Port NIC - Problems after upgrade

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HP ML350 G6 - NC326i PCIe Dual Port NIC - Problems after upgrade

We are in the process of upgrading firmware and drivers on 40 of the above servers.


I am using the HPSUM utility and downloaded the latest support pack with al lthe necessary drivers and firmware updates for the system and the operatiing system whcih is Windows Server 2008 32bit.


This all seems to have worked fine but now if I try to open the properties of the Loal Area Connection for either of the ports on the NIC I get an error pop up saying 


"Some of the controls on this property sheet are disabled because on or more other Netowrk property sheets are already opem"


I know no one else is on the server and I have rebooted it to make sure but I still get this error.


I have searched for help on this and all the suggestions say to uninstall the NIC's, reboot and then let Windows find the drivers and all will be well.  I have tried this but it does not work for me!


This is exactly the same on two server so far and I do not want to carry on with the other 38 until I can find a resolution to this problem.


Anyone got any ideas or seen this behaviour before?