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HP ProLiant ML150 G5 starts by itself when connecting power, no video, full fan speed

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HP ProLiant ML150 G5 starts by itself when connecting power, no video, full fan speed



I have had a HP ProLiant ML150 G5 for like 5 years I belive. The Server has served me well, I love it!

Now, one year ago it started to shut down by it self some times, and it got worse, after a few weeks I coulden't start it anymore, it would start and after a few seconds shut down again, and sometimes restart it self and shut down, like a Self start test or something.


The LED light in the front (number 4) is always green, indicating that everything is fine...

I bought a new Motherboard of eBay, used but in very good condition, I also bought 2 Processors of eBay (2.00ghz Xeon E5405) I put in one of them to start with and I hooked everything else up. Now the SAME problem occurs, and I dont understand what the problem is!


I connect the Power cable to the PSU (or press the ON of the back of the PSU) and instantly the Server starts up, with full fan speed, nothing on the screen, and it just runs at full fan speed until I disconnect the power. The ON button in the front doesen't have no say what so ever, I even disconnected the whole cable from the Motherboard, leading to the front LED's and Power ON button, but that didn't change a thing, it still does the same stuff.


I have switched the RAM's and only used 1, 2 and 3 at the time, just to test everything.

No mather what I do, the server still does this stupid thing, I also have to mention that I googled around for this problem ALLOT, and I found that the Temp Sensor in the front of the Chassi, might be damaged, so I tried to splice those 2 wires together, but that didn't change anything, so now I dont have that Sensor anymore, just so you guys know.


I love this server and I dont want to get a new one, how can this happen when I switched out the Motherboard and the Processor... Weird!