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hp proliant ml350 g4 wont boot (intermittent)

New Member

hp proliant ml350 g4 wont boot (intermittent)

The issue im having happens intermittently which is really strange. When I try turn it on it doesn't boot. The fan on the power supply runs continuously regardless of whether the computer is turned on or not. When i attempt to turn the server on there is a brief moment of power then the system health led goes red and nothing else happens except the power supply fan continues to run. There are no lights on on the mother board other than the green one to tell me the power is connected.

I have tried to reseat all components and ensured everything is connected correctly. I disconnected every component leaving only what was needed to attempt to boot to bios with no change.

I removed the battery from the mother board and also tried resetting the cmos/nvram multiple times and nothing seems to be working.

The wierd part is that occasionally the system will boot up normally but after about 10-15 mins it dies and the systems health led comes on again. For example i was trying to get it to work last night with no success but when i came to try this morning it booted up first time for about 10-15mins before it died again and iv not been able to get it to boot again all day.

Please help.