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HP server firmware upgrade failed?

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HP server firmware upgrade failed?


I'm trying to update an HP ML350 G5 with the HP Service Pack Prliant DVD.
I've booted the DVD and I've choosen interactive mode but after two hours I'm blocked at the screen with the HP logo (the status bar below the HP logo is full loaded).

The only things I've noticed in this two hours are:

1) the leds of the hard disks present in the bay are started to blink concurrently every second for an hour with only a green light

2) after an hour the led of the two hard disk are started to blink out of phase every second with only a green light


Is something going wrong?


Can I reset the server to try the automatic mode or it can be dangerous for the hardware?


Thank you.


Re: HP server firmware upgrade failed?



Firmware update may get stuck in some cases due to hardware or firmware issues.

If the server is hung, then you have to reboot the server, there is no other go.

It may damage the hardware on which it was writing the firmware when the server got stuck.


Good Luck!

Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

I work for HPE

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Re: HP server firmware upgrade failed?

Also, make sure you're using the very latest 2014.06 SPP. There was an issue with the NIC firmware updates on the Broadcom Multifunction network adapters that would corrupt the firmware on them.
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Re: HP server firmware upgrade failed?

From which version you are tring to upgade?


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Re: HP server firmware upgrade failed?

Also the SPP from September only supports G6 and up.
Not relevant for the original post as it dates back from August, but for future reference.
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