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HPE SSD Drive Shortage, unknown leadtimes..

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HPE SSD Drive Shortage, unknown leadtimes..


my question is, whether you have  solution-ideas  to avoid unknown leadtimes / sourcing problems  of  HPE SSD Drives.

For a new DATACENTER we have demand for 100-200x   Mixed Use or Read Intensive SATA SSD Drives 240/480 GB for DL360 / DL580 G9.    The shortage is still there and no increase expectable?

 My first Ideas:  Switch back to 12G 15k SAS Drives (RAID 1 two drives per Server)
try with KINGSTON SATA SSD (certified by kingston for DL360) or INTEL ....

Do you know, how to understand the performance advantage of the 6 G SATA SSD Drives   vs  12G  SAS 15k  Drives?  Is it worth such sourcing Problems?

The Proliants will get a simple RAID 1 with two SSD Drives each and a Windows Server Installation....


480GB SSDNow E50 SSD SATA 3 2.5  SE50S37/480G  / 480GB SSDNow DC400 SSD SATA 3 2.5  SEDC400S37/480G

+++We had good experience with the following HPE Parts, but they are empty.   - > 832414-B21 / 816985-B21 

We try to switch to these Drives with RI,  because HPE  said Leadtime would be around 10-14 Tage:

816899-B21 / 868818-B21 / 804593-B21


I find some Infos the press:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise confirmed in a statement to The Register there are supply problems: “Industry-wide demand for NAND storage is at an all-time high with rapid growth from not only commercial IT products, but also consumer products such as mobile phones and cameras.

"As such, certain HPE Solid State Drives (SSDs) are supply constrained, and customer orders using the constrained SSDs will experience extended lead times. HPE has recommended alternative SSDs to improve delivery times for our customers."

A HPE spokesman said it expected constraint to continue for the rest of this year, but in a note to customers – seen by us – the IT giant warned to expect shortages to "continue through Q1 2017 or longer."