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iLO4 Email Notification

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iLO4 Email Notification

I am in the process of setting up E-mail notification within iLO4 


we have 3 HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Servers two are running

iLO4 Advancd License Type

iLO firmware version is 1.13


When i go to Administartion -> Managment


I only see SNMP Settings,

We dont have any SNMP Server or Trap set up, i would like to know if we can get emails out from our SMTP Server ?


I tired putting in our SMTP and DNS server ip address into the SNMP Alert Destiniation but still didnt get any test emails.



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Re: iLO4 Email Notification



I don't know in which version of the ILO4 fw they have added tabs under Administration -> Management for AlertMail and Remote Syslog as well as the SNMP settings you are refering to.


I can confirm that the settings are avalible in ilo fw 1.51




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Re: iLO4 Email Notification

Hi thank you for the reply..


I must look into updating the iLO if this is the case.


im after going to


but can't seem to find the firmware update... does this need to be updated within Lights out,