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In Disk Manager raid is in disk 0 and drive c in disk 1 -Dans gestionnaire disque raid est en disqu

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In Disk Manager raid is in disk 0 and drive c in disk 1 -Dans gestionnaire disque raid est en disqu

Sur mon serveur HP proliant ML350 gen 10. J'ai posé 6 disques. 1 de 250 Go SSD en sata sur le quel j'ai installé windows serveur 2012 et 5 de 400 Go SSD en SAS monté en RAID 5 p mes données.

Voici ce q ça donne ci dessous dans le gestionnaire de disque, on y voit donc mon lecteur C avec l'OS et ls 5 autres disques. Jusque là tout est normal.

Puis je monte mon RAID 5 sur les 5 disques restants en dessous voici ce q j'ai. Pourquoi la partition RAID à pris la place de mon lecteur C et est devenu disque 0 et inversement ? C'est la 1ère fois q je vois 1e telle config. Mon serveur démarre bien sur l'OS et à priori je n'ai pas constaté de dysfonctionnement.

Q1 : Est ce 1e anomalie qui risque à terme d'engendrer des dysfonctionnement 1e fois q mon serveur sera en production ?

Q2 : Si oui, quelle en serait la cause et comment y remédier ?

Merci p vos réponses

Google Translation

On my ML350 Gen 10 HP server. I put 6 disks. 1 of 250 GB SSD in sata on which I installed windows server 2012 and 5 of 400 GB SSD in SAS mounted in RAID 5 p my data.
Here is what it gives below in the disk manager, so we see my C drive with the OS and 5 other disks. So far everything is normal.

Then I mount my RAID 5 on the 5 remaining disks below this is what i have. Why did the RAID partition take the place of my C drive and become disk 0 and vice versa? This is the first time I see such a config. My server starts well on the OS and I did not see any problem.

Q1: Is this the anomaly that will eventually lead to malfunctions once my server is in production?
Q2: If so, what would be the cause and how to fix it?

Thank you for your answers



Re: In Disk Manager raid is in disk 0 and drive c in disk 1 -Dans gestionnaire disque raid est en di



By looking at screenshots, I understand the storage controller is in mixed mode and there are 6 drives connected to it.
OS installed on the 250 GB SSD SATA drive.
Another 5X500 GB SSD SAS drives are presented directly to operating system.
Then you have configured RAID 5 using the HPE Smart Storage Administrator and the total drive space shows unallocated under disk 0. Earlier disk 0 was used by the 250 SSD SATA drive.

I understand that the server is able to boot to the operating system without any issue. As long as the Boot logical volume in Smart Storage Administrator and the boot order in BIOS are intact, this should not cause any issue.


I am an HPE employee
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