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Installation Proliant DL380 G5 to the electrical cabinet

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Installation Proliant DL380 G5 to the electrical cabinet

We have to install 2 proliant dl380 g5 servers to the electrical cabinet.
Cabinet's size is 1000mm(width) x 2000mm(height) x 800mm(depth).
Server's size are: 445mm(width)x 86mm(height)  x 661mm(depth)
The servers will be installed at the top side of the cabinet.
In the cabinet there are no more sources of heat.
cpu (1pcs) is : Intel XeonL5420 (2.50 GHz, 50 Watts, 1333 FSB), power unit 800wt.
1)What is the best way for installation: one above the other or side to side?
(We have mounting hardware for both options)
2)How much free space do we need for adequate airflow?(on the sides, rear, front, from the top and bottom)
3)Do we need fans in the cabinet? How much? What capacity?
4)Do we need to drill holes at the front and rear wall of the cabinet?
Thank you in advance

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Re: Installation Proliant DL380 G5 to the electrical cabinet

For all generations of the DL380 model, the airflow is from front to back only. So there is no need to have airflow space on top & bottom or at the sides.


You should assume that practically all the electrical power consumed by the servers will eventually be converted to heat (either directly or indirectly). The power required for outgoing signals is usually not significant at all.


In effect, you can think of it as installing 2 x 800 Watt heaters to your cabinet, although you can expect them to normally run at about half power. Yet you should make sure the ambient temperature in the cabinet should remain below 35 degrees Celsius.


User Guide for DL380 G5:


The User Guide lists the space requirements for proper airflow & maintenance. See pages 30-32.


In standard server rack installations where the front door is located very close to the front of the server, the User Guide for the server says there should be enough holes in the rack door to make 64% open area to the front of the server, and an equivalent opening at the rear door. That works out to about 245 cm^2 worth of holes on each door per server. Recirculation of exhausted air at the back of the server to intakes at the front should be avoided.

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Re: Installation Proliant DL380 G5 to the electrical cabinet

Ok, I understood, thank you veru much!