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ML10V2 Server 2016 Hyper-V role failure to install.

New Member

ML10V2 Server 2016 Hyper-V role failure to install.

Hi all. 


I've got a small issue that is stopping the Hyper-V role being installed on this hardware with Server 2016. (CU)

I've replaced the server CPU E3-1241 V3 and added 32Gb of memory. 
Other hardware:
P410 with two arrays.
Another SSD in SATA2

It used to run Server 2012R2 with 5VM's just fine but wanted to test out 2016.

2016 installs just fine but as soon as you install the Hyper-V role the following happens. 

The role will install and request a restart, once restarted the server will finish the roll install and reboot. The server will not boot at this point, it will sit there with the spinning wheel of the loading screen.

I've confirmed that all drivers, firmware are the latest from the HP site or the manufacture. 

Both the board and CPU supports the new requirement for Hyper-V 2016 (sysinternals and systeminfo)

MX             *       Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualization
EPT           *       Supports Intel extended page tables (SLAT)
Hyper-V Requirements:      VM Monitor Mode Extensions: Yes
                           Virtualization Enabled In Firmware: Yes
                           Second Level Address Translation: Yes
                           Data Execution Prevention Available: Yes
Anyone else got any advice?