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ML150 G3 dual CPU does not boot

Occasional Advisor

Re: ML150 G3 dual CPU does not boot

Hi System_Headache,

Just got the "new" motherboard this morning. Good thing is was already updated with the lastest BIOS.

Installed my 5335's and voila, it booted recognizing both CPU's and 8 cores total :)

To be honest, i never used the ILO as i do not have the card (i simply updated the firmare just in case there was any progress with the cpu's on the old motherboard).

Ha ha, Horrible Products, never thought of that.

I used to work at an authorized HP service center as a technician and one thing i know for sure is that i will never buy an HP laptop! These things used to sell on monday and by thursday they were back for motherboard replacements, hard drive replacements and all sorts of things! The desktop & server products though were fairly good.

The good thing about re-using old hardware like the G3's is that we can easily source the required parts online for a fraction of what they used to cost and get the job done. I don't like decommissioning hardware, especially servers since they work or can be upgraded to perform for a couple of more years until requirements change.

P.S On a side note, i created a monster out of the old revision motherboard.

I installed two Xeon 5150 (2.66GHz) along with 16GB of RAM, and ..... i cut the back of the 8x PCIex port and installed an nVidia 750Ti in it. It is now installing Windows 10 on 2 x 128GB SSD's in RAID0 :p