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Re: ML350 G4P high fan speed

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ML350 G4P high fan speed

I'm been running this box with (6) 143GB HD's in a RAID1+0 array, (1) CPU, Linux RHE4, as an email server for over a year. Recently the main fan on the back panel suddenly cranked up to very high speed (with accompanying noise) just like it does at boot-up, but it never slowed down again as it usually does. The room ambient temperature is, and has been, about 72F and the processing load is essentially unchanged.

Rebooting the machine restored the slow fan speed, where it remained for several weeks until today when it reoccurred. I can understand if the system senses a higher than normal internal temperature that it would boost the fan speed, but I would further expect it to slow down again once things cooled down.

This seems more like a transient that triggered the high speed with no corresponding control to return it to slow speed.

Any way to get this fan speed under control without a re-boot?
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Re: ML350 G4P high fan speed

What is being reported in the Environment link on the System Management Homepage? Any corresponding IML entries?