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ML350e g8 v2 - Additional LFF 4-bay cage

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ML350e g8 v2 - Additional LFF 4-bay cage


I've recently purchased a ML350e G8 v2 used, and it has one 4-bay cage already installed.

I'm looking to install a second cage, but I can't seem to find any vendors with the cage in stock. Is 741741-B21 still a product which is manufactured and sold by retailers, or is there a different product number?

I found a site which is selling 686745-002, and claims it to be for ML350e g8, but doesn't indicate v2. Does anyone know if this cage will work in the v2 model?

Thank you for your assistance! 

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Re: ML350e g8 v2 - Additional LFF 4-bay cage

Yes 686745-002 should work.


Look in the list of HPE Products that Part Number 686745-002 is used in.


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