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Re: Need Help - Swapping Drives in 380 G3

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Need Help - Swapping Drives in 380 G3

Ok here is the scenario:

I have a DL380 G3 at a remote site. The server is using the internal smart array 5i controller in simplex mode. Right now, drives 0 and 1 are configured in a RAID 0+1 (OS Partition) config and drives 2,3,4,5 are configured in a RAID 5 (data drive) config. The server is running Windows 2000.

We need to upgrade this server to Windows 2003 (clean build), however, we need to maintain the data on the data drive (RAID 5 set). So, in a spare 380G3 I created a RAID 0+1 set, installed Windows 2003 on it and shipped the drives to the remote site. I had a tech at the remote site, shut down the production server, pull drives 0 and 1, put in the two drives I sent up (windows 2003) in drives 0 and 1. My intent was to bring the system up as windows 2003 and import the data drive once Windows was up.

However, the server sees 0 logical drives when I do this. If I pull the 4 data drives out, and restart the server, it sees 1 logical drive (the RAID 0+1 set). If I put all six original drives back in, everything is fine, two logical drives.

Ultimately, when I put the 4 data drives in, and the new OS drives in, it sees nothing, even though I know the logical drives are intact. What am I missing?
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Re: Need Help - Swapping Drives in 380 G3

Hi Todd,

Yes that will happen because the two logical drives don't know anything about each other since the RIS (Raid Information Sector) data stamped on the drives differs. I had that problem recently and solved it 100% by following this procedure. It might sound a bit daft but it works. Due to the RIS tables on the original 4 DATA drives knowing that there were originally 2 logical drives you need to use them first.

Power off and insert drives 2,3,4,5 (The original Raid 5 disks). Leave 0 and 1 out.

Power On. You will get a message to say you haev 2 logical drives but that SCSI ID's 0 and 1 are not responding. You will get a prompt to fail all logical drives (F1) or the drives which are not responding (F2) select F2.

Now Press F8 to enter the ORCA setup for the Smart Array. If you choose "View Logical Drives" you will see that the first logical drive is in a FAILED state.

OK - Now go back one screen by pressing escape. Wait a few seconds and then insert the new drives into their bays while power is still on and ORCA is running. Let them spin up and wait another few seconds. Choose "View Logical Drives" again and check that it is still failed. Exit the ORCA and reboot.

This time you should see a message to say that SCIS ID's 0 and 1 appear to be OK again but that enabling the logical drive may cause data loss and you should use a backup to recover. Choose to accept and enable the logical drive.

The system should boot OK and have two logical drives, the new one and the original. It's a bit of a mess but I've tried it twice now and it works OK.

I hope it works for you too.


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Re: Need Help - Swapping Drives in 380 G3


I found another method that works as well, kind of along the same lines, I found it right after I submitted this post in our Lab Environment. Thanks so much for your help!

1. Shut down the server
2. Leave the OS drives out
3. When the array controller initializes press F2 to fail the drives
4. Right after press F8 to enter the option ROM
5. Go to Delete Logical Drive and delete the now failed logical drive
6. Escape out of the option ROM
7. Shut down
8. Put in the new OS drives
9. Power on

As you can see, close to yours and accomplishes the same thing. Thanks again.