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need to update FW from Embedded UEFI Shell dl380 g9

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need to update FW from Embedded UEFI Shell dl380 g9

My question, then the background (if it helps)

I am accessing the Embedded UEFI Shell from a text console connection remotely

I think I need to perform a 'fwupdate'  for the P840 controller

1.) can I mount a USB drive with the firmware if I have someone connect it

2) does the file format or directory structure matter for the USB

3) suggestions for the fwupdate command line

in uefi shell:    fwupdate -l shows

* [RAID.Slot.6.1]Slot 6 : Smart Array P840 Controller - 7.00



I had tried to update the firmware to 7.00 from 3.56

this is the 3rd system 1st 2 were good

ERROR during reboot:

Slot 6 Port 1 : Smart Array P840 Controller - Configuration Required

- 1703-Slot 6 Drive Array Controller - Write Back Cache data cannot be

   flushed - Access to all storage has been disabled. Action: Downgrade

   controller firmware.



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Re: need to update FW from Embedded UEFI Shell dl380 g9

One of the recommended procedures is to boot the current SPP2019.12.

I guess updating this controller from UEFI shell won't work because of the file format.

Hope this helps!

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