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Parity Check Error when installing Win2008R2 SP1 on HP DL380G5


Parity Check Error when installing Win2008R2 SP1 on HP DL380G5

Hi all,


I am having very big problems installing Windows 2008R2 SP1 Standard on my DL380G5. To begin with I am not using the StartSmart CD as it has been causing problems. I updated the firmware on the server to 9.30 and I was using the latest version of the StartSmart x64 (8.70). Secondly it is a second hand server and it has a faulty CD drive, so I have been using a USB Key to boot StartSmart.


When using StartSmart the install gets to about 55% of 'Expanding Files' during the Windows 2008 install and gives an error saying that some files are missing or corrupt. No matter what method I used to install (Bootable USB Key Install, Network Install, USB CD Drive Install) I always get the same error. I have downloaded the ISO multiple times and used four different USB sticks. So I eventually gave up on using StartSmart and just booted from the Win2008R2 CD and began an installation.


The installation gets through 'Expanding Files' and reboots, the install then says that it is 'Updating Registry Settings' and gets up to the 'Completing Installation' stage  when it fails with an NMI Parity Check.


The error is very much like as is what is described here:


Except my server is using a P400 controller and it definately has drives attached to it.


Does anyone have any suggestions as I have spent almost a week trying to solve this issue.