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Proliant DL385G6 + Conflict?

Occasional Contributor

Proliant DL385G6 + Conflict?

I have been finding that I'm having trouble with the Crystal Reports Server XI installation failing when it's dealing with SQL.

So, as a thought and in case there was something wrong with my SQL portion of the install. I thought ok, I'll try installing the actual MSDE application direct from Microsoft. So, I downloaded the MSDE for SQL 2000, set my switches and off to the races. It quit when it noted there was about 4 seconds left to the installation and bombed with the same errors as the Crystal Reports Server install.

So, my question, is there a way to get this installed?  Is there a known trick to get around this? IS there a potential hardware conflict? This is a brand new DL385G6 that was configured for 2008 but had to be redone due to conflicts, so, the OS Is Windows 2003 R2, SP2, the hardware is a brand new HP Proliant DL385 G6. (**With the ERP app, this version of Crystal Reports server is the only one that is supported and they are not supported via 2008 or 64-bit, so installed at the SmartStart level, 32-bit version of Windows 2003 R2 SP2.)

Thoughts???? This is becoming a critical issue. Crystal Reports Server for Crystal XI, is our means of delivering reports. All other applications are working correctly on this box and this is my hold up.

Yes, I've cleaned the registry and files before performing each install. However; if there is an odd entry that is causing the problem, please let me know.

Any thoughts are desperately appreciated! Thanks.