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Re: Random reboots on ML 150 G3

New Member

Random reboots on ML 150 G3

I have a ML 150 G3 that is rebooting randomly, but usually 1x or more per day for the last month. From IPMI I have the following repeating log entry associated with the reboot:

****Truncated Log Message****

Sensor Type = 23 - Watchdog 2
Sensor Number = FE - Watchdog
SEL Event Type = 6F - Sensor specific
Event Description = Timer Expired
SEL Event Data = C0 03 FF


I saw a previous poster with the exact same problem and log messages, but there was no response to his post.
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Re: Random reboots on ML 150 G3


Thanks for the suggestion. I updated the system ROM per both the links you gave, but unfortunately this did not solve the problem. I have since also ran the offline diagnostics for 1 24 hour period without error. I will try for a 48 hour test over the next weekend and we'll proceed from there.