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Re: Reboot at system crash

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Reboot at system crash

On the old server after crash of system the server went on reboot. My new server HP DL380 G6 after crash of system expects supply button click.

How to adjust in bios that the server would reboot in case of crash of system.

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Re: Reboot at system crash

Server Availability (G6 servers)
The Server Availability menu includes options that configure the ASR features:
-ASR Status
-ASR Timeout
-Thermal Shutdown
-Wake-On LAN
-POST F1 Prompt
-Power Button
-Automatic Power-On
-Power-On Delay (

ASR Status (G6 servers): The ASR Status option is a toggle setting that either enables or disables ASR. When set to Disabled, no
ASR features function.

ASR Timeout (G6 servers): The ASR Timeout option sets a timeout limit for resetting a server that is not responding. When the server
has not responded in the selected amount of time, the server automatically resets.

Re: Reboot at system crash

Hi Marat,
Check if ASR is enabled in RBSU, if not enable it.
Also, check for IML for exact status. If IML shows nothing about ASR you can suspect power source, power backplane etc.. pls updateâ ¦
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