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Re: Server 2016 on ML 150 G5


Server 2016 on ML 150 G5

I'm trying to install Server 2016 on an ML 150 G5 server. When it boots it shows the drives as individual drives instead of the virtual RAID drive.

IE (2) 500 GB drives in a RAID 1 do not show as 1 virtual drive, it shows as 2 individual drives.

I have looked for a BIOS update or a RAID driver but unable to find one. Any suggestions?

HP's new drivers search is horrible.


Re: Server 2016 on ML 150 G5


Unless I'm mistaken this server is not supported by Windows 2016, maybe that's why you don't find any drivers for this windows version in the new drivers search web site.

The last windows version supported that I found is Windows 2008 R2, look at this URL

Select ML server and Windows 2016, you can also select the option previous server to see the information for this old server




Re: Server 2016 on ML 150 G5

Thanks for the reply.

Can you guide me to the latest firmware that can be uploaded via usb or CD

Also, where would I find drivers for the latest OS supported for the RAID
controller? If I recall, even 2008 Required drivers even when using the on
board raid controller.

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Re: Server 2016 on ML 150 G5

While Server 2016 isn't supported on that server, it may work. What controller are you working with? You will not find any 2016 drivers for the embedded SATA controller, but it might work if using the Smart Array E200 controller.

I understand your frustration with the new search functions.

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Re: Server 2016 on ML 150 G5

I would still like a link to the latest BIOS and RAID Drivers if possible.

If it is a matter of just buying a RAID card, I wouldn't be opposed to trying that.