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Re: SNMP on HP Proliant DL380 G7


SNMP on HP Proliant DL380 G7


I have set up a nagios monitoring server as part of an internship, and right now I block on configuring SNMP server HP ProLiant DL380 G7

I must admit that the party CLI server I do not understand anything and in the web interface I can not find the place to install the snmp

if you could describe how to install everything, it will help me much                        


                                      thank you all Jean-Hugues M





bonjour a tous

je dois mettre en place un serveur de supervision nagios dans le cadre d'un stage , et en ce moment je block sur la configuration snmp d'un serveur HP Proliant DL380 G7

je dois avouer que la parti CLI du serveur je ne comprend rien et dans la parti interface web je ne trouve pas l'endroit pour l'installer le snmp

si vous pouviez me decrire la facon de tout installer , cela m'aiderai bien

merci a tous Jean-Hgues M

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Re: SNMP on HP Proliant DL380 G7

Your SNMP trap and security settings go in the O/S service configurations.


French Manuals, here:

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Re: SNMP on HP Proliant DL380 G7

hi JohnWRuffo

thank you for your answer, I studied the documentation but I find no reference to my server. I should have clarified but on my server is Proliant iLO interface is installed, and this interface does not function as a normal linux, what are the specific command and I can not find a documentation aliant SNMP and the iLO interface



bonjour JohnWRuffo

merci de ta reponse, j'ai etudié la documentation mais je ne trouve aucune reference a mon serveur . j'aurais du le preciser mais sur mon serveur Proliant c'est l'interface iLO qui est installer , et cette interface ne fonctionne pas comme un linux normal , ce sont des commande specifiques et je n'arrive pas a trouver des documentations aliant SNMP et cette interface iLO

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Re: SNMP on HP Proliant DL380 G7

iLO has SNMP Pass-through functionality only. It relies on the host OS to provide the actual answers to the queries.


Please see the bottom of page 24 of this technology brief on iLO security:


When the iLO receives a SNMP request, the request is passed on to the iLO driver of the server OS. The driver queries the SNMP subsystem of the server OS, and then passes the answer back to iLO. If the OS has no SNMP subsystem running, iLO cannot provide any SNMP services.


The most common SNMP implementation in enterprise Linux distributions is probably Net-SNMP. It is usually included in the installation media, but may or may not be installed by default. If it is installed by default, it is usually deployed in a secure/disabled configuration: you may need to adjust the configuration to enable it and/or make it useful for your purposes.

To install it in RedHat Enterprise Linux, for example:

yum install net-snmp
service snmpd start
chkconfig snmpd on


You'll also need, at minimum, the "hp-health" and "hp-snmp-agents" RPM packages, available from the standard HP support download page. Go to and select "Drivers & software". Type in your hardware model "Proliant DL380 G7" and click the search button. The page will list all the varieties of the model: just pick the basic "DL380 G7 Server". Then select your OS version, and you'll see the list of downloads appropriate for your combination of hardware & OS.


You'll need the packages named "HP SNMP Agents for <your Linux distribution>" and "HP System Health Application and Command Line Utilities for <your Linux distribution>". Click on the name of the package, not on the "Download" button: you will see a page that contains the installation instructions for the package (the hp-snmp-agents package has a few simple but important tasks after the installation of the RPM) and the release notes. This page will also contain the download link for the package..


When the hp-snmp-agents package is installed, configured and running, the "cmasm2d" process will handle the SNMP requests forwarded by the iLO driver.


Net-SNMP documentation can be found here, if you need it:


Re: SNMP on HP Proliant DL380 G7


if I understood correctly, it is necessary that on my machine the snmp am enabled (and the HP mibs) and the ILO then comes read  and returns the data, is that? the problem, I have a server vSphere vmware 5 and then I can not to install agents HP and HP mibs

 and iLO, check the system and show  analyse in web interface but where he take this information .
he don't exist a script to take directly the value in the ILO interface


bonjour si j'ai bien compris, il est nécessaire que sur ma machine le snmp sois activé (et le mibs HP) et l'OIT vient ensuite lire et renvoie les données, est-ce? le problème, j'ai un serveur VMware vSphere 5 et je ne peux pas installer des agents de HP et HP mibs

 et l'OIT, vérifier le système et de montrer d'analyser dans l'interface web, mais où il profite de cette information. il n'existe pas un script de prendre directement la valeur dans l'interface de l'OIT

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Re: SNMP on HP Proliant DL380 G7

OK, I should have asked this earlier: what exactly is the name and version of the system software (either the operating system or the virtualization hypervisor) running on this server?


If it's VMware vCenter server, it has only very limited SNMP functionality:



The vCenter Server SNMP agent functions only as a trap emitter and does not support other SNMP operations, such as GET.

The traps sent by vCenter Server are typically sent to other management programs. You must configure your management server to interpret the SNMP traps sent by vCenter Server.

 This means you cannot use any monitoring techniques that are based on SNMP polling to monitor a vCenter server. Your monitoring system can only wait for incoming SNMP trap messages (= notifications or alarms) from the vCenter server, and process them as they arrive. Since iLO offers only SNMP pass-through, it cannot offer any more than that on a vCenter server.


A VMware ESXi 5 virtualization host has more SNMP functionality: you can install software bundles from the hardware vendor to get hardware monitoring capabilities, but compared to a net-SNMP package on a generic Linux system, the configuration options are still very simple and limited:


The hardware monitoring bundles for HP Proliants are available from the standard download page: see my earlier post, and on the OS selection page, choose your VMware version.


The monitoring infrastructure of VMware 5.x seems to be completely CIM-based: maybe there's an extension to Nagios available that can get more information out of VMware products using their native CIM protocol, instead of using the (apparently somewhat limited) SNMP support?


One result of some very quick Googling:*-Virtual-Environments/VMWare/Check-hardware-running-VMware-ESXi/details


Re: SNMP on HP Proliant DL380 G7

I have install HP CIM on my VMware station, and i see the status server  in vSphere , but can't see remote with snmp script .
What the special configuration for snmp/CIM ?



 J'ai installer HP CIM sur ma station de VMware, et je vois l'état ​​du serveur dans vSphere, mais ne peut pas voir à distance avec un script snmp.

Qu'est-ce la configuration spéciale pour snmp / CIM?


                                             jean-hugues M