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System Failure after RAM upgrade

New Member

System Failure after RAM upgrade

Hi all,


I bring you a weird scenario of mine.

One dl380 g5 had 16gb Ram. I installed 32gb 8x4gb all same make same spec DIMMS.

System hung on Post but with no error or any indication whats wrong. I rebooted the system. 

On next boot system started beeping with Red led for internal and all DIMM LEDs amber!

I followed the bay configuration with different combination of DIMMS but no joy.

Weird thing was that it won't work now with old DIMMS!

iLO for some reason thinks its still got 8x2gb DIMMS and they are all ok! (even if there is no DIMM installed)

System diagnostics wont pick anything but yet a RED light with all DIMM LEDS AMBER!


I am not a Server techy and this made me cry as i had my preciuos VMs running on it.


Is there anyone here who can help me to shed some light on this please?


Re: System Failure after RAM upgrade




Ensure that the memory modules installed are supported by the server. The following points needs to be held into consideration:


  • When upgrading memory, DIMMs 1A and 3A must match. DIMMs 5B and 7B, DIMMs 2C and 4C, and DIMMs 6D and 8D must match and must be installed as a pair.

  • When DIMMs 1A and 3A are populated the system is automatically configured for 2:1 interleaving.

  • When all 4 banks are populated the system is automatically configured for 4:1 interleaving.

  • When four, six, or eight DIMMs are populated with identical DIMMs the system is automatically configured for bank interleaving.

  • Do not mix Low power DIMMS and regular DIMMs.




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