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system fan failure HP proliant ML310

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system fan failure HP proliant ML310

Hi guys,

A couple weeks ago i got a server from somebody who wanted to throw it away.
It is an hp proliant ml130.
So first if all, when I got the server it was in a bad condition, it was very, very, very dusty, around half a centimeter of dust on the base of the server and 3MM carpet on the place where the fan sucked the air in, so after using some canned air, we could take it inside.

But when i installed windows ten to see if everything was working, i noticed that the cpu fan mad a lot off noise, turned oid the bearings were broken.

I had an 80mm fan lying around so i tried to use that one, then i noticed that it was thicker than the original fan, so i remove the plastic and put the fan it without the little holder with the yellow arrow, the tension of the cooler kept it tight.

but the new fan had onther connector so i sanded od the little notches so it would fit, and it did it even turned on.

But it said there was a cpu fan failure.

Ans then it plays an ear raping beep and turns of.

Can i discable this? because it auto shuts off.

kind regards, 


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Re: system fan failure HP proliant ML310

I forgot to say that i don't want to buy  a knew fan beacause i can't currently in my situation (delivert eg...)