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Re: This entitlement does not exist Error

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This entitlement does not exist Error

I am trying to link a warranty so that I can download HP Service Pack for ProLiant. Should be an easy task, but no.
Every time I try, I get an error saying "This entitlement does not exist"
I have put in the correct serialnumber an productnumber found on the sticker on the server.
The warranty check get status active on the serialnumber. The server is brand new.
Why does this not work and why the complicated procedure? Just give us the download!!! I have better things to do.
Please help me with the linking and do NOT just point me to the user guide for warrenty linking.
I have read it.... Many times.

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Re: This entitlement does not exist Error

Please keep in mind the HPE community forums are primarily peer user supported. 

You can open a support case or send an email to and they can work with the group that handles the entitlement linking to get help get your issue resolved

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum! 
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Re: This entitlement does not exist Error

Creating a support ticket would help me, but not the next one with the same problem. 
I had to experiment with the location field in the warranty linking field. Our supplier works in all the scandinavian countries. We bought the server in Norway, but it came to us from Denmark. When I changed location to Denmark the entitlement suddenly existed. I big sarcastic thank you to HPE for making things easy. That's hours I'll never get back.