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Re: Unrecoverable Bus Error on ML570 G2 (despite ROMPQA update)

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Unrecoverable Bus Error on ML570 G2 (despite ROMPQA update)

we have some problems with our ML570 G2. It just kind of freezes sometime. It is still pingable, but I can't login.

Like this forum suggests I did an update on the system-ROM. That calmed down the server for a week or so, but last night it freezed again.

As far as I read this seems to be a hardware related problem (and even unrelated to the Operating System). Is there any chance that it's a software problem?

The system got 4 GByte RAM (2 times 1 GByte, 4 times 512 MByte). The system is located on two mirrorsets, each 36.4 GByte in size. We are using SuSE Linux Enterprise Server Version 9 and Lotus Domino 6.52. (That is not supposed to run on 2.6 kernels, but works fine on our older ML570 with nearly identical system configuration) The HP Support Pack (7.10 for SLES9) is installed.

The linux log-files are of no use; the end just at the time when the server freezes, with no enlightening entries. I looked for some core, but even this wasn't droped.

For any suggestions I'd be extremely gratefull, because after looking at every possibility I colud think of I realy don't know what it could be...
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Re: Unrecoverable Bus Error on ML570 G2 (despite ROMPQA update)


We have a similar issue on our environment but we are running RedHat Linux AS, the server does freeze sometimes sometimes it is pingable sometimes there is no response,when we go on the console also there is no response. We have the latest updates but our application people do not want to upgrade the kernel as suggested by redhat since they are not sure if the application will work fine with that release of kernel.

We also ran hardware diagnostics from the smart start cd and did not report any errors.

Hardware diagnostics can be run once to make sure everything is fine from the hardware perspective.

Your case is somewhat similar to ours but I think you can also talk to the OS vendor to find any updates and make sure the applications supports it before installing it.

Hope this helps