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UPS Compatibility DL385p

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UPS Compatibility DL385p

Hi all, I heard someone have a problem with one of the new gen 8 hp prolianr servers where it was turning off when it was going on ups battery and someone started talking about it needing a pure sinewave ups.


Is this true or just bad info ?


If so I am looking at this:


Re: UPS Compatibility DL385p



this is a true.


APC Back Ups and Smart Ups SC are not recommended for servers with active-pfc.







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Re: UPS Compatibility DL385p



I am Using the Smart UPS from APC 1500 RMI2u and all what I have as problem is that the delay time before it reboots after the commercial Power commes back is not enough with 60 seconds as I first need to have the Hp D2700 to be complettly booted and I don't know how long the d2700 needs to boot completly.


With the shutdown process at commercial power down I have no problems at all, so it's currently setup to wait 6 minutes before shutting down the server and then cutting it's power supply then it waits again 2 minutes and shutsdown the complete UPS. After the  commercial power commes back it first starts the UPS power for all devices except the server and the server then normaly is started 60 seconds later but I would need like 5 minutes. This I could achieve by installing a Fuse with delayed start.


What exactly would be the symptomes that you say a smart APC would have with Proliant DL385 Gen8 as I have that server.


Thank you.


Wfr Frank