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battery failure - SA5300 - how to fix

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battery failure - SA5300 - how to fix

I received an error in event viewer stating that the battery on the SA5300 has failed.

How do I go about replaing it?

(The server is a ML570 - probably 1st generation)
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Re: battery failure - SA5300 - how to fix

Battery Replacement

The Smart Array 5300 has two replaceable battery packs
Description Spare Part Number
Battery, 4.8V 120978-001

> Push down on the botton clip of the battery pack, attached near the lower corner of the array accelarator.
> swing the battery pack away from the Array accelerator to about a 30-degree angle.
>Lift the pack upward to unhook the top of the battery pack

Since both packs are likely to be discharged at a similar rate, repeat the procedure for the another battery pack.

After removing the first battery wait for 15 seconds before replacing the next one

Hook the top of the battery pack to the top of the array accelarator with the pack held at a 30-degree angle to the plane of the array accelarator board