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Re: BL20p Installation How to?

Occasional Contributor

BL20p Installation How to?

I jave BL20p servers (6Nos.) how can i install these servers.

Do i have to install it one by one os can i install simultaneously,if yes HOW?

Pls clear this and tell me the way out.

Honored Contributor

Re: BL20p Installation How to?


There are several ways to install blade servers. Assuming you talking about the Operating System and the fact that you do not have access to a local CD/keyboard/mouse/monitor...

To quickly answer your questions.. no and yes.

Using a package called RDP - Rapid Deployment Pack, you can simultaneously install an OS or deploy an imaged OS to BL20p servers many at a time. Usually, a Blade Enclosure comes with licenses for RDP and the server console software is freely available. You just need a server to set it up on and a network device (hub, switch, etc) to connect everything.

Alternatively, you can attempt to use the iLo management port to mount a virtual CD to the server and boot from it. This case would be "one-by-one". You can also try to use a USB CD-ROM. NOt sure if they are supported yet to boot from, but it has been a while since I played with some BL20p's

Additionally, Microsoft has a similar package to RDP called ADS.

Ask about any of these and we can talk further.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage, Servers, and Clustering
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Re: BL20p Installation How to?

Thanks Steven,

RDP is there but how to use it.
do i need to install the first server and replicate the things to others or RDP can install all 6 servers simulteneously.

pls tell me the steps so that i can start with the installation.....