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Firmware Upgrade - Windows 2000 O/S on Compaq DL380

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Firmware Upgrade - Windows 2000 O/S on Compaq DL380

I went to the Url to download an upgrade for the firmware on our DL380 machine that has Windows 2000 O/S on it.

On the same server, I recently just upgraded the P-17 family BIOS version to 12/18/2002.

Does the version at the above Url reflect the latest upgrade to the firmware that I need? I feel like I am close, but I want to make sure I am downloading and applying the latest upgrade. Please help. Thanks.
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Re: Firmware Upgrade - Windows 2000 O/S on Compaq DL380

You should be sure of which generation your server is then you can be sure of the BIOS compatibility. For DL380 with win 2000 the BIOS location is for the offline version 2002.12.18 B (11 Feb 04) for the online version 2002.12.18 B (23 Mar 04)
Systems ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade Diskette for HP ProLiant CL380 (P17) Servers

the version is the same but the release dates are different. You can click on the version link from the download page for descriptions of the releases. Also here is a link to compare the different methods of ROM flash:

These are all the latest version but take a look at the "important notes" and "installation" to see which method is best for you.