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Hard Read errors critical?

Occasional Contributor

Hard Read errors critical?


we are using 1TB SATA Drives at our Backup Server
with p600 Controller.

Many Drives show up hard read errors (arround 2000) but the drive is still in OK status.

Ist die a normal for the Drives? Should the drives be replaced?

I just had an Raid 5 Array with these disk who failed to rebuilde ...
Now if switched to raid 6.
But i still worry about this hard read erros.

Best regards
Respected Contributor

Re: Hard Read errors critical?

Hard read errors are usually referred to by other vendors as media errors. While there is some number that is statistically acceptable before the disk is reported by the HP tools as failed or even a predictive failure, my recommendation is to replace the individual disks that you find these errors. They will only complicate and sometimes prohibit rebuilds from parity.