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Re: Installing OS on DL580

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Installing OS on DL580

I have a DL580 first step (not G2 or g3) with 2Gb RAM and 2 Processor 700, 2mb.
I want install w2000 on it, but i cannot.
I put the SmartStartCD 5.50, and i start from it. A lot of point appear in screen, (like seems it's loading smartstartcd). After 6 or 7 lines, it stop. After 5 minutes, an error appears: alot of numbers and text error is:
NOT SYNC (or something like this... sync, syncing, synchronize.. i don't remember now).
I also have another DL580, 3GB ram, 3x700, 1mb and it have the same problem, so i think i doing somethng wrong.
I upgrade BIOS to latest BIOS version on both machines.
I tried boot from w2000 cd, but it stops with a black screen with a blinking cursor on top-left, without error. On Wxp sp2 & wxp 2003, installation begins ok, but it stops when "windows 2003 it's now starting"
Plz, help...
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Re: Installing OS on DL580


are you sure it's the 5.50 version of SmartStart? Kernel Panic sounds like a Linux error to me, and Linux-based SmartStart CDs are only from version 6.0 onwards, which are not supported for booting G1 servers. Also the rows of dots suggest Linux to me, I've never seen SmartStart 5.50 do that.

You could try downloading a fresh copy of SmartStart 5.50

Another idea would be to run the System Erase Utility to wipe the server's config and then try again:
You will have to re-create your array using the ROM config tool for the Integrated Smart Array Controller (F8 prompt during POST)

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Re: Installing OS on DL580

thank you.
with the erase utility all works fine!.
I used it, and then, i installed w2000 from w2000 CD, and i works fine.