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ML 350 G3 Expanding the RAID 5

New Member

ML 350 G3 Expanding the RAID 5

I have a Proliant ML 350 G3 and would like to add the spare to the existing RAID 5 and extend the C partition. I have two questions:

1: How long should it take to add a 36GB drive to the existing RAID 5 on the machine

2: Do you recommend using Partition magic or the partition software in the Array Configuation by HP

I am practicing on an older ML 570 and adding the drive to the RAID has already taken one hour. At what point should i consider canceling and how do i do that.

Any help is appriciated.

Thanks in advance
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML 350 G3 Expanding the RAID 5

HP documentation states it can take 15 min per GB to restripe, less if you have BBWC. So 36GB, your lookin at 9 hours