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Proliant DL360 NIC team issues

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Proliant DL360 NIC team issues

We have a Proliant DL360 with 2 teamed gigabit NICs. It is a Citrix Presentation Server4. We are seeing a tremendous amount of traffic on the team: In 15 hours since last reboot, Sent traffic is 273MB. Received traffic is 572MB. When compared to our other servers, this traffic is approximately 5 times more sent and 10 time more received. NICs are HP NC7782 NICs.

Type and load balancing are both automatic. Performance seems normal.

Any ideas?

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Re: Proliant DL360 NIC team issues

We've done a bit of further troubleshooting and want to provide more information.

Comparing our existing servers, we may not have an issue, but we're not sure.

I would appreciate it if you could provide feedback, perhaps a formula to convert bytes to packets, and if possible, a way to convert the statistics being reported from bytes to packets so we'd have a basis for comparison.

Here's what we see in the Local Area Network Connection Status window at approximately the same time on all 3 servers:

Both citrix servers are load balanced and should handle approximately the same traffic. Citrix Load Manager Monitor shows that they are handling roughly equivalent loads.

The one I originally posted about, a Citrix server (to be called C3 for convenience) running W2K with 2 teamed NICs 10/100/1000:
Duration - 20 hours.
In BYTES - Sent 1,854,824,200, Received 2,598,616,320.

Another Citrix server (to be called C2) also running W2K with 2 teamed NICs 10/100/1000:
Duration - 20 hours.
In PACKETS - Sent 25,125,890, Received 26,110,724.

Domain Server/file server/Exchange mail server (to be called Domain). Running W2K with 1 NIC 10/100/1000:
Duration - 12 days.
In PACKETS - Sent 62,309,493, Received 54,819,824.

At the time of the initial post, we had not noticed that C3 was reporting in bytes and felt it was being slammed when compared to C2. We later noticed that C2 was reporting in packets. We don't know how to compare the 2 different measures to determine if we really have a problem with C3 or not.

Thanks in advance for any help/information you can give.