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Unable to boot DL145 - EISA configuration utility error

New Member

Unable to boot DL145 - EISA configuration utility error

I've replaced the hard drive that came with a DL145 2.4GHZ server with 2 72GB ones. I've installed RHEL4 on these disks. I left the Compaq utility partition on both alone. However it won't boot off the hard disks - the error message shown is:

The EISA Configuration Utility is not installed on the fixed disk

Insert system configuration diskette in Drive A:
and press any key to continue.

Going through support documents tells me the solution involves booting off the SmartStart CD. However this does not support the DL145.

Any ideas on how to get this working?
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to boot DL145 - EISA configuration utility error

Hi Chris,

If you can boot from a DOS boot disk, go ahead and run FDISK and see if you ahve an Active partition

You can download and creat a DOS boot disk from this link

1. Download the DOS 6.22 disk the 4th one down
2. Double click the download and it will ask you for a formatted floppy (If it is not formated it will format it by itself since it is a disk image)
3. Boot from this DOS disk and type FDISK on A:> prompt
4. Choose the Partition information option and see if there is any active partition

If there is no active partition make C: active

Amha Kassa