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3CRWDR101A-75 firmware update

Dear friends,

                       yesterday I updated the firmware, but I can´t get access to the set up (config page).(thru

I've done all steps required buy the instructions papers without any problems.

But at the time to configure the router again isn´t possible. The IP self assigned is and this is only for recovering activities. All other usual IPs do not respond (e.g

Reseted and pushed the reset button more than 5 sec. several times. Nothing!!

The LAN is working. All PC's connected by wire to the router are working in a net. (same net name used before the firmware update ) It shows that the reset step to the original configuration is not working.

How can I get access to the browser configuration page?

Do I need to update again the firmware thru the IP ??

Any ideas?? It will be appreciated.

Bes Regards


Who Me Too'd this topic