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Broken RAID ML 110

I have a curious problem
A client has the ML110 with SBS 2003 installed and configured with SATA RAID 1 (mirrored drives), or so I thought. When we recently rebooted the server for some general maintenance we discovered that though RAID was configured, the RAID bios was reporting an odd configuration. (See the attached image showing the POST screen). RAID POST shows the following:

Controller #00: Host RAID at PCI Bus:00, Dev, 1F Func:02
Loading Configuration
Port#00 FB160C4081 HPFO 149.04 healthy 1.5 Gb/s
Port#01 FB160C4081 HPFO 149.04 healthy 1.5 Gb/s

SATA JBOD- Port-0 FB160C4081 149.04GB Legacy
SATA JBOD- Port-1 FB160C4081 149.04GB Non-Configured

The last two strings shows one drive as legacy and the other Non â configured. In Windows, the RAID management software does not display an array claiming there is only one hard drive available, and Windows disk manager reports the same â only one drive. From this I take it there is no RAID configuration. Am I right? And/or is this some kind of failure?
My question is can I recreate the mirror without the losing data, and how this is done. Failing this can I release the second non-configured drive so I can use windows to mirror to it instead?
Any help is much appreciated
Thank -you
Who Me Too'd this topic