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DL380 G6 SAS Expander Card

I am after some advice on this expansion card. We have a DL380 G6 server and have added the additional 8 disk tray. I have installed the card and attached the cables to the disk tray.

When the server is booted though, it does not see the additional disks, in fact it does not acknowledge that the card is installed. Is there anything here that I might be doing wrong? Windows will not see the card. The lights flash on the disks at boot so they seem ok. Is Windows even meant to see the card? After adding the card, should the disks be seen as new disks to the 410 embedded array controller? I have updated the embedded firmware to 2.50. Is there a way to update the new card?

Lots of questions, but I have not seen a whole lot of information on the card other than how to add it to the server.

Thank you in advance.
Who Me Too'd this topic