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Brian Milovich
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ProLiant DL370 G6 Shut Down Issues

I have a DL370G6 box with two RAID Arrays (2 Drives in Array-1 for the OS, and 5 drives in a RAID Array-10 for our ERP software).

This box will run for 7 or 8 hours and out of nowhere shutdown abruptly and restart itself. I've spoken with Microsoft, HP and Epicor (ERP software) and all three maintain that everything is up to par and working as is). HP drivers are up to date and approved by an HP tech.

Issue is still occurring. The one thing that stands out is that during boot I receive the following message:

1732-Slot 0 Drive Array - Array Accelerator Battery Pack is Missing - Array Accelerator Posted-Write Cache is disabled until additional battery pack(s) are installed.

From what I understand this is only related to the Read/Write Cache speed of the drives however I'm running out of options and the big dog powers that be are getting extremely impatient.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions??
Who Me Too'd this topic