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Where are the Softdocs

1. Receive a HOTSTUFF notice. It contains these instructions:
* This message has been sent to inform you of newly released support information. Visit  *
* the NonStop Technical Library's (NTL) online support content library for in-depth      *
* information at: <>                                             *

2. Follow the link

3. That page tells me information is now available at:

4. But I first try the 'Softdoc Archive' link in the left menu of publication categories, in the foolish belief that if the link is still listed, the page should be available. Instead following this link returns a page containing:

error '80004005'

/tl/includes/common.asp, line 709 '

5. Then follow the link, recommended in RED and therefore potentially newer and more important (like the 'new,improved' sticker on grocery products). This page tells me that:
The documents on have moved to HP Business
Support Center (BSC). Redirection links are provided to assist you
in navigating to a comparable location on BSC from this homepage PDF. Please update your bookmarks once
you find the information you are looking for.

7. Can't find a Nonstop redirection link here. Looking for a software document, but I'm kind of getting the hang of the breadcrumb trail here, so I try 'Enterprise Servers, Workstations and Systems Hardware'.
Success, there's a link in the table for 'NonStop' (get the case right) Technical Library. The link is:

8. Think I've been there before, but let's try it. OK, I see I can select:
'NonStop Technical Library, HP Integrity NonStop J-Series' (get the case right, and the hyphen)
I'm sure I've been here before (the link's stil purple), but again let's try it.

9. Nope, manuals and service information. And perhaps I've taken too long because the page is asking for a new passport signin. Ok, signin and submit.

10. Get to Change HP Passport password. H'mm, the old one worked an hour ago, what happened. OK, new password. Why does every access take so long.

11. Select menu link for Customer Advisories. No luck, just one doc, a Itanium processo issue from Nov 2007.

12. See more... get Self-help resources. Already tried most of them, let's try Support Services. Takes me to HP Customer care. Get generic list of products again. Let's try 'Servers' again. Wait, I've got to re-enter the product (HP Integrity NonStop J-Series, get the case and hyphen right), and keyword SOFTDOC. And its not HP Customer Care, so let's try All of HP United States. Go.

13. Did I mean 'HP Integrity NonStop jetseries | Softdoc'. No. But I did get 'HP NonStop Support Notes, March 2006'. Not that either. And further down, HP NonStop Technical Library has moved'. The circle is complete.

Can anyone answer the simple question 'Where are the Softdocs?'

The ancillary question of 'Why have you made them so hard to find? is probably for a different forum.


Who Me Too'd this topic