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HP SIM 6.2 sending Cluster Monitor Status Change -Node alerts but nothing appears to be wrong

Hi ,

I recently enabled the Clustering Information agents on two Microsoft Cluster nodes.The cluster hads been discovered in HP SIM ver 6.2 but I now get random messages from HP SIM saying Cluster Monitor Status Change -Node  System Resource  System status on node SERVERNAME of the cluster CLUSTERNAME became critical or Cluster Monitor Status Change -Node  disk Resource  System status on node SERVERNAME of the cluster CLUSTERNAME became critical  .


On checking the clsuter nodes all appears to be ok.The messages seem to be from the passive cluster node not the active node.


From what I can see its not as if the Cluster node is sending traps to HP SIM but HP SIM is polling Cluster resources and generating alerts.


I looged a call with HP but got the usual upgrade firmware, upgrade PSP and upgrade HP SIM .Then come back if the problem remains.Nobody could explain what these alerts mean and what causes them to be generated.Just the usual mantra of upgrade everything.The cluster nodes are up todate on firmware and are using PSP ver 8.60 just one revision behind the latest available.HP SIM is at ver 6.20 and the latest is ver 6.30


I have cleared the thresholds on the Management Agents in the Windows control panel tab for each node. In HP SIM I also increased the Cluster Resource Settings poll time to 10 minutes from the default of 5 minutes. I have done the same in the Cluster Monitor - Node Resource Settings.This was based on other threads I have seem with the same problem.


Since then I have only recieved one alert and that was slightly diffrerent from the others - Cluster Monitor Status Change - Cluster MSCS Resource - Device status on cluster CLUSTERNAME became critical



Its very frustrating getting alerts that are meaningless.

Has any body seen this problem and successfully resolved it. Can anyone explain what these error messages are supposed to mean.They are very vague.Am I correct in my belief its not traps generated by the Cluster nodes but an issue with HP SIM polling the Cluster resources.Are these type of alerts generated if the Cluster Resource does not respond to HP SIM within a specific timeframe


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