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Bonjour (mDNS) pooping out after a time

Among the issues I am having with my few eMSM430 APs (on my way to almost 70 by the time I am done) is the tendency to stop forwarding multicast DNS (also known as Bonjour) packets on my two VLANs after a seemingly random amount of time, perhaps days or hours. I have the APs in autonomous mode until the new core switch and 765 controller arrives (on backorder, thanks for that, HP). In any case, this is a medium-sized high school, and we use Bonjour mainly for printing to (surprise surprise) our many HP laserjets, but also for locating some other services. 


Users on both VSC's have experienced this. Typically what I do to get them back on track without bumping too many people off is to login to the web client, go to VSC-> SSID name of whatever SSID is reporting the problem, and clearing the  "broadcast filtering" checkbox, saving changes, then checking the same box and saving changes again. Users get dropped for a few seconds, but much shorter than a full restart. In any case, I've never had this experience with APs before, not even HP V-M200s. I have another post here from last week about losing full network access, which these are also doing from time to time - happens to Macs, Windows, and Linux, IP address from DHCP is good, but no IP traffic comes through. On Macs, putting to sleep and waking up fixes it, but on Windows/Linux, only rebooting the MSM430 seems to solve that problem for a time. Maybe related to the Multicast DNS issue. 


Thanks for any ideas. 

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