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Issue with mxinitconfig

Hi all,


I am facing an issue while running the command mxinitconfig. Please see the error below :


C:\Users\Administrator>mxinitconfig -a
Checking Requisites (14):
  1. Node Security File ..OK
  2. Server Property File ..OK
  3. Server Authentication Keys ..OK
  4. SSH Keys ..OK
  5. Status Property File ..OK
  6. Task Results Output Cleanup ..OK
  7. Database Configuration ...Failure
  8. Database Content ..OK
  9. Web Server ..OK
  10. Setup Property File ..OK
  11. JBoss Setup ..OK
  12. Agent Configuration ..OK
  13. Management Services ..OK
  14. Initialization and Database Population ..OK
Completed with error.
Completed with error.

Details can be found in the log files at: C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Ma
Configuration failed to complete due to the following exception:
    Error:   Some requirements are not met, cannot configure HP Systems Insight



I have changed the hostmane of the system using the command mxreconfig -m host  mode.. Please suggest the solution



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