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DL380 G7 FW.1.28 does not retain configured default gateway - reverts to

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Issue: DL380 G7 at Firmware revision 1.28 does not retain a statically configured default gateway, but instead reverts to


i investigated the advisory given in a previous post (c03283274) and while it fits my situation exactly, I can unequivocally state that it is NOT a "display only" issue in this case.


I have 2 x dl380 g7s in the same rack, both at the same firmware revision of 1.28, i am using the same IPs and cables (sequentially, of course), and the second server stubbornly refuses to accept the default gateway i give it and also does not respond from the switch to which it is connected (which it would if, as the advisory states, it is really there, just not showing itself.)


I have attempted to "trick" it from a number of angles, assuming the correctness of the advisory, that there is some point at which it puts it in the bucket though it is not visible (eg. reset, re-enter / reset to defaults, reboot, re-enter / reset to defaults, shutdown, unplug, re-enter / cycle through the ancillary transceiver options in concert with the ip config / enter an entirely bogus gateway, attempt save, fail, enter correct gateway / etc.)


I offer this long-winded set to hopefully forestall any of the more obvious questions of troubleshooting on my part, but the short-and-sweet is the gateway being displayed across F10 saves is very obviously acting as a blank in the active configuration of the dl380 g7 ilo3 in question. 


Do you have any further insight? I have found no more questioning of this issue on the web. (Possibly b/c others were able to get around this with a direct connect laptop more forgiving of a missing gateway than a switchport.  I do not have this option.)


thanks -

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