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data center for Boguchany Dam


 I am developing a project of module data center for Boguchanskaya HPP (Boguchany Dam):

-          That must be high scalable infrastructure

-          Cooling by water from Dam and reserve cooling by outside Siberian air

-          electric power supply from Boguchanskaya HPP (Boguchany Dam)

-          reserve electric power supply from Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Modules

-          Hydrogen Generator for suppling the Fuel Cell Power Modules (Angara water to Hydrogen by electrolysis)


Can you help me to evaluate:

-          Project cost

-          required equipment

-          required area

-          electricity consumption

-          water consumption

The scale of these:

250 racks

2500 racks

5000 racks

50000 racks


How many units in each rack, 50U?

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