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Steven Hild
Occasional Contributor

How does Agile Manager compare to ALM?

I haven't received my beta acceptance email yet, but in watching the demos and looking at the ALM pages it seems like there is some overlap.

It looks like Agile Manager can be used by our Product Managers to manage what we call "features". And then dev teams can look at the highest priority features and then break it down so that additional planning can be done. Once we start work on the feature the team can update their progress so our dev management can track the entire features progress.

We are looking at Quality Center for managing our Quality Engineering group and was wondering how defect creation would merge into Agile Manager? As a developer I would want to see "my work", which includes new feature tasks as well as any defects found during testing.

Sorry I'm rambling but I am trying to determine how these tools would fit into our environment.


Who Me Too'd this topic