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Intelligent Provisioning Firmware Update not working

Hi, I've got a brand new DL360e-Gen8 server and I've configured the iLO with a static IP address on our network. I've also connected one of the onboard NICs to our network. I can login to the iLO successfully from my laptop which is on the same network. I am trying to update the system's firmware via Intelligent Provisioning/Firmware Update utility. Intelligent Provisioning has detected both the iLO's IP settings and the onboard NIC. When I select Firmware Update, it says "Looking for updates, this may take a few minutes..." and after a while it eventually returns an error. I found a HP KB article that says that if there's an SD card in the server the Firmware Update fails. I did have an SD card inserted on the motherboard which I will be installing ESXi onto, so I removed it, powered up the server, went back into Intelligent Provisioning/Firmware Update and the "Looking for updates, this may take a few minutes..." message is on the screen for much longer than it was when the SD card was in, but it doesn't appear to be proceeding beyong this message. Please help.



Who Me Too'd this topic