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SANIQ 10.0 announcement and download.


Important Product Announcement

HP Storage is pleased to announce the availability of LeftHand Operating System version 10.0 (previously known as SAN/iQ). The new software provides enhancements and new functionality for –
    HP P4000 G2 Storage products
   HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage product
   HP StoreVirtual VSA Software
Note: HP StoreVirtual Storage is the new name for HP LeftHand Storage and HP P4000 SAN solutions. LeftHand Operating System (LeftHand OS) is the new name for SAN/iQ.  These name changes will be incorporated into documentation, solution materials and product components over the next two LeftHand OS releases.
New features
Upgrade today and take advantage of the following new features and functionality –
Windows Integration
Simplified management for Windows environments
·         Integration with Windows Active Directory
·         Support for Windows Server 2012
 Intelligent Management
Easiest upgrade management in the market today
·         Online Upgrade enhancements including proxy support
·         Tasks in SAN Status Page
·         Quorum Alarms
 Increased Performance
Triple performance for asynchronous replication, double vCPUs
·         Increased Remote Copy performance – 3x performance
·         Dual CPU support for VSA – up to 2x performance
·         Other general performance improvements for application workloads, volume resynchronization and snapshot processing
 Connectivity Options
Bridge the old and the new with ease
·         Fibre Channel Support  available with HP StoreVirtual 4030 FC Storage platforms

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