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Lossing access to network - dns og IP nat issue



Found this error. still cannot find anything regarding this in the documentation.


Nov 30 08:25:00 debug dnrd         Reach the maximum simultaneous Masquerading connections discarding DNS (id='29383',client-ip-address='10.x.x.x(200)


Now and then we are having issues with one of our VSC's. We have on msm760 and approx. fifty MSM460's. The VSC in queston is 802.1x with radius and the dhcp/dns settings is within the VSC. The problem seems to start when the number of wireless clients reaches above 200. I suspect it to be either an IP problem or a DNS issue, but cannot be sure as the logs only gives me the error below. I noticed an infomessage on the controller mentioned an ip or dns maskerade limit on the vsc, but the  760 manual does not tell me anything regarding this. Error received is listed below. 



Nov 29 10:34:56 err    iprulesmgr   Cannot provide network access to user (nas-port='59',name='host/xxx-xxx-41.domain.local',calling-station-id='0C-60-76-47-D6-4D',framed-ip-address='') due to internal error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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