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want clients use the nearest AP



I have several APs in my organization and there is some overlap between them.  Sometimes, the clients will associate to an AP other than the nearest one, and that causes suboptimal performance.


After some time, it seems, the device sometimes switches over to the closer one.


The behaviour seems device specific and not very consistent.  Another poster suggested upgrading to the latest F/W.  This I did, though I am not sure this will change anything.


We have MSM430 APs and MSM720 controller. All APs are configured identically by the controller. The VSCs are currently WPA(2) PSK but we will be switching to 802.1x for one of the VSCs in the near future.  Sadly, it will not be the one used by phones, which are the devices that mostly have this problem.


My questions:


1. Is there anything I can configure in either the AP or the controller to get clients to work better?


2. Would the mobility license help with this? Should I switch the MSM720 for the premium?



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