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Missing space in RAID 5 array

I'm probably going to walk away from this with a red face but I can't puzzle it out.


I have a new DL380G7 with 4x 1TB SAS drives; RAID 5, no spare (I know).


I'd have expected 3x 1TB = 3TB of space in my logical drive and that amount useable for my partitions but I only have 2.35TB of space for my OS.


Can I lose 0.5TB just from the big stripe size? That was the unattended default settings the P410i makes - I didn't SmartStart this box as I was putting Server2012 on it.


More Information -
Logical Drive 1 (2.7 TB, RAID 5) 
Logical Drive Status OK
Drive Number 1 Drive Unique ID 600508B1001C451D293A25D0F4F57C17 Size 2861512 MB
Fault Tolerance RAID 5
Heads 255 Sectors/Track 32 Cylinders 65535
Strip Size 256 KB
Full Stripe Size 768 KB
Caching Enabled
Parity Initialization Status Initialization Completed
Disk Name \\.\PhysicalDrive0
Disk Partition Information
Partition Number: 1, Size: 350 MB, Mount Point: Unknown
Partition Number: 2, Size: 2.0 TB, Mount Point: C:\ 
Array Status OK Array A Drive Type SAS Used Space 3.6 TB (100%)
Total Usable Space 3.6 TB 
Spare Drives  None 
Failed Drives  None  

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Who Me Too'd this topic