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Proactive Insight Experience Expert Event - March 18th

On February 19th, HP announced the release of the Proactive Insight experience (www.hp.com/go/proactiveinsightexperience) – an enhanced manageability and serviceability solution that provides access to IT information anytime, anywhere,  automated support and the ability to prevent problems before they occur.


HP would like to invite you to participate in a Proactive Insight experience Expert Event, on March 18th, from 8am through 12pm PDT (11am-3pm EDT).  The event will be taking place within our Enterprise Business community (www.hp.com/go/ebc), and there will be HP Experts, from Insight Online, Proactive Care and Insight Remote Support, standing by to answer any Proactive Insight experience questions you may have.


During the event, participants can post their questions, suggestions, or other comments and HP Experts will engage in discussions with our users directly within the community.  Even if you don’t necessarily have a question of your own to ask, stop by, follow the conversations and gain some additional insight about this new exciting Proactive Insight experience.

The event will be taking place within the Insight Remote Support forum.


We look forward to seeing everyone on March 18th!

I work for HPE.
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